Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

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Bed Bugs – Coming to a Home Near You?

Are you racking your brain trying to pinpoint where you picked up the dreadful Bed Bugs or Where Bed Bugs Come From? These amazingly adept hitchhikers, according to experts, can easily travel in suitcases, boxes or packages. The most likely scenario as to Where Bed Bugs Come From is they followed you home from a Hotel while traveling.  Furniture, neighbors, and even your pets can be unwilling transferees of Bed Bugs.

Knowing Where Bed Bugs Come From

is not that hard to figure out! Bed Bugs are usually a problem in certain buildings where you might find an abundance of mattresses, such as Hotels, dormitories and apartment complexes. Motels and Hotels typically have contracts with pest control companies and the infested rooms are treated over and over again and yet the Bed Bug problem still remains. Who said that?

There are national reporting bureaus that report Bed Bug infestations over and over again in the same Hotels and in the same rooms, even in 5 star Hotels! The pest control companies even call Q-Based Healthcare, the makers of these Dead Bed Bugs™ Treatments, for consulting on recurring Bed Bug problems and purchase Bed Bug Treatment products by the drum!

Another fact to mull over, it was not until the last decade that reported cases gave an indication of a possible rise in bed bug infestations and identified Where Bed Bugs Come From.

Bed Bugs infestations have escalated and been headlining the news for over 3 years. If pest control companies and their methods are so great, why has the problem increased almost 10 fold over this time? It is so apparent and it’s past time to expose pest control companies and their out-dated and costly methods.  The magnitude of this bed bugs problem is immeasurable.