Treating Bed Bugs

Treating Bed Bugs

in Apartments & Condos

The Condo Catch-22

Why are Treating Bed Bugs infestations a recurring nightmare in apartments and condos?

Trying to control Bed Bugs infestations or Treating Bed Bugs in apartment and condo units is an almost impossible hurdle, because Bed Bugs easily spread from one unit to another. Bed bugs like to hide in the cracks and electrical outlets in walls, behind wallpaper, base boards and picture frames, between beds and around the creases of mattresses and in bedding materials.

Bed Bugs

sense body heat, CO2, and pheromones emitted by humans. Bed bugs will migrate to the next unit through the walls and unsealed bottom plates, to find their next meal in other sources of food in the adjacent unit.

Who knew??? Landlords and managers have reported that tenants seeing discarded mattresses and furniture in dumpsters and alleys thought they had hit the jackpot.  Little did they know that they were bringing infested items back to their units and so the cycle continues making Treating Bed Bugs a vicious cycle!

If you live in a multi unit building, Treating Bed Bugs for a Bed Bugs infestation is a complicated and exhaustive issue.  Once a colony has reached a point where it no longer has a food source that can sustain it, Bed Bugs will be heading next door.  What is an obvious conclusion after over 125,000 treatments is Bed Bugs infestations are everyone’s problem, and everyone must pitch in and contribute to a solution in order control this Bed Bugs  scourge that is blanketing the nation.

Have Teeth Will Travel

Beg Bugs are not picky about where they take up residence, from homeless shelters to high end apartment complexes they are terrorizing the country.  No one is safe.  Bed Bugs situations are taking place all across the country.  Here is an all too common  example of what is happening from one coast to another:

My family and I relocated from the Washington D.C. area to Mooresville, North Carolina this past September. While waiting for our house to be built we leased a furnished apartment through a corporate relocation agency. About 2 weeks into our stay my husband started with a “rash” and within another week it had spread to me. We could not seem to get rid of this rash so we finally went to a doctor and found out that it was “some type” of bug bites. I called the relocation company that we leased the apartment through and they knew right then it could be bed bugs. I am pretty sure they knew of them before we leased it from them. Sure enough I went and checked the mattress of the master bedroom and found bed bugs right away. I threw almost everything away, including my vacuum. They placed us in a different apartment while they treated the infected apartment. It was only treated once and they replaced the bed and mattress. In November, we moved out of the apartment and into our new home, I put all of our children’s and our clothes in plastic containers and we have left the containers out in the garage. I read that these bugs can stay alive for up to 1 year without a host. What can I do to make sure not to infect my home just in case there are any bugs in the summer clothes that are in those plastic containers in our garage? This has changed our lives. We are paranoid of these bugs now. When our children are itchy they panic and ask us if they have bugs on them. It is a terrible feeling. I hope one day we won’t worry about it as much.—Dawn, Mooresville, N.C.

Here’s a case study of a family’s losing battle against Bed Bugs in their expensive apartment. After an unsuccessful call to the property management company, Mrs. Rogers hired an exterminator to come in and spray their apartment. The process took weeks.

“We had to live out of garbage bags,” she said. “Every day, we had to wash everything over and over again.”

But the problem didn’t go away, so the couple decided to move out of their apartment. They packed all of their stuff into a box truck and heated it to 160 degrees to stop the bed bugs before they moved into their new apartment. But they threw away their bed and couch.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

“I could never actually sit on my stuff and feel confident that they were gone,” Rogers said. “I mean I know bed bugs are gone, but I’d be constantly looking around making sure they weren’t on me, weren’t biting me.” – Bed Bugs