Bed Bugs Removal

Get rid of bed bugs


Bed bugs are pests? Do not spread the disease?

While bedbugs have been shown to be carriers of diseases like plague and hepatitis B do not transmit these diseases to their hosts. It is possible that areas that have been chewed to develop a rash of bed bugs and extremely itchy. Scratching the areas may lead to infection. In short, the infestation of bed bugs are not a serious health threat.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Get rid of bugs will require persistence and patience to pay off these parasites demanding. Although the professional Exterminators are very effective are quite expensive and may need treatment more than once the infection completely. However, you can also get rid of bed bugs themselves. Some things you can do are:

  • Vacuum mattresses, frames, rugs and upholstery to eliminate the bugs and eggs. Pay particular attention to cracks, crevices and open spaces. Use a brush to wash the mattress helps to remove the bugs and eggs. As soon as the vacuum cleaner, vacuum bag having a sealed plastic bag and an open air collector.
  • Thoroughly clean linens, bedding, curtains, carpets or rugs or clothing, where bugs tend to hide. Apply bug spray all the areas likely to possible attacks. If you suspect that there are bugs in your bedding and clothing, remove and wash in hot water (minimum 120 ° F) for at least 20 minutes. In other cases, a liner bed bugs also used to clean and sterilize the toys, stuffed animals, shoes, luggage or other objects that can not be easily washed with warm water.
  • If you find bugs in the mattress, the seal is waterproof, hypoallergenic, zippered mattress cover, which reads “nominal allergen” or “dust mites”. Keep the lid for at least a year to keep the bugs off the mattress, and eventually kill all bugs trapped inside.
  • Repair and seal cracks and crevices between baseboards, bed frames and furniture. Similarly, the removal or peeling wallpaper glue all or peeling to remove the sites of bed bugs shelter.
  • If necessary, remove contaminated objects that can not be cleaned and free of unnecessary clutter. Bag and wrap in a plastic bag to prevent the dislodging of bugs on the way to the local trash.
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bed bugsBecause it is difficult to get rid of all bed bugs and their eggs in the first cycle of treatment, you may need to repeat every week to completely eliminate infestations. If you still can not take care of yourself, hire a professional licensed pest control professional and make sure they have an established track record of getting rid of bed bugs.

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