Bed Bugs Treatment of Room Furniture

Bed Bugs Treatment

bed bugsInspecting for bed bugs

Inspecting the countless spot locations where bed bugs hide in your furniture. Not to be overlooked and only a job for licensed pest management professionals
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Bed bugs can individually and collectively cause several health effects such as rashes, allergic reactions and psychological symptoms. Cimicosis bed or insect bites can lead to a variety of skin manifestations of no visible effect of bubbles visible. The diagnosis is, and to find bed bugs and the presence of symptoms compatible. The treatment involves the removal of insects, but it is symptomatic.

Treatment of a home infested with bed bugs using heat to kill the insects. We show you almost the whole process. Equipment is Temp-Air supplied. We can now do entire homes or buildings.


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Kill bed bugs!

Apply Once & Keep Killing Bed Bugs for 60 days! Our do-it-yourself Bed Bug Treatment Kit is proven effective on bed bugs and it’s so easy to use!   This commercial strength Bed Bug kit provides enough EPA Registered pesticide AND Non Chemical product to treat up to two bed rooms or average apartment.  Use with our easy step-by-step instructions to kill bed bugs and disinfect your environment. This means you can sleep in the bed bug nest zone the very same night. 

Begin Killing bed bugs today with or Commercial Strength Bed Bug Spray, Safer Diatomaceous earth and disinfectant.  Tested and proven to be 98.5% when killing bed bugs.  This pack will thoroughly treat 1 average size bedroom.

Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray effectively combats Bed Bugs and Eggs ON CONTACT! Unlike other pesticide options that are potentially toxic to your family and the environment, Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray is eco-friendly and does not include harsh pesticides or carcinogens, such as permethrins and pyrethrins.

Safer Bed Bug, Ant & Crawling Insect Killer is made from a patented formula containing diatomaceous earth (DE) and selected baits. Insects come into contact with the powder and literally dry up and die within 48 hours. DE is an odorless, non-staining powder that remains effective in the control of insects as long as it is present.

The Disinfectant leaves your home clean and sanitized once the bed bugs dead.

Dead Bed Bugs Killer Pack #2 is effective for eliminating Bed Bugs.