Anyone have any experience with Bed Bugs…?

Bed Bugs in my apartment

Long story made short:

 bed bugsI found bugs in my apartment three years ago. It was confirmed that the bugs I had were indeed bed bugs. I completely freaked out. I decided to throw away my entire bed, a bunch of clothes and a couple other articles of furniture (and yes I did this at the dump so no one else in my neighborhood would get them). Once I did that, I noticed that the bed bug bites started to disappear until eventually I didn’t have ANY bites anymore. I live with my mother and at the time she was getting bit too but when I stopped getting bites so did she.

It has been two years and I have not seen any signs of bed bugs. Only until 6 months ago did the lazy owner finally have an exterminator come to my building and do pest control. But by this time, I had already stopped seeing bed bugs and getting bit for a year and a half. No one else in my building has bed bugs and they never had them even when I did. Which is very confusing to me? (any advice on this question would be appreciated too)

So my question is this: Is it possible for bed bugs to just disappear on their own? I have read a lot of things say that it is not possible without some type of treatment. But the only “treatment” I did was throw a bunch of stuff away.
I haven’t really been staying with my mom (been staying with my boyfriend who doesn’t have bed bugs) but I am thinking of starting to stay with her again. But I am scared that if I do the bed bugs will get in my stuff again and I will give them to my boyfriend. Definitely don’t want that…

I know that bed bugs can only live 18 months without a blood supply or else they die off. But what I don’t get is that they had a blood supply available to them every night (my mother) so why would they just die off on their own?

Get rid of Bed bugs

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hi, i just want to tel you that you are soo kind!
I will give you BEST ANSWER on my Q,
as for your Q…
I know a way to get rid of bed bugs
heres one way.
bed bugsget ALL things plastic OUT of your house, then hire these people that turn your heat up soo high that is over 500 F.
it kills them

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-Anyone have any experience with Bed Bugs…?-