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bed bug treatment

bed bug treatment

The number of reported cases of bed bug infestation has exploded recently and people need help with the problem. Not only have the number of cases grown, but bed bugs are becoming harder to detect and kill. They are really tiny and can hide virtually anywhere. They are becoming resistant to all of the poisonous chemicals used by commercial exterminators. With these facts in mind, you have to be careful where you spend your money to solve your bed bug infestation.

This is where we come in to help you make the most of your time and money.  We wanted to connect consumers with the most effective (and cost effective) solution to bed bug treatment. There were so many products on the market and of course they ALL claim to be the best bed bug treatment. We decided to make them PROVE it!

What not just call a Commercial Exterminator?

We decided from the beginning that using a professional exterminator was not the way to go. First, they had all kinds of conditions and limitations to the service, no real guarantee that it would work, and they require several visits to ‘break’ the infestation. This quickly got very expensive because it required a guy in a truck to visit the house during business hours. So you someone has to be there or take off work to meet them etc.  Then to make things worse, someone has to move all the furniture, flip the mattresses, pull the drawers, open the electrical wall plates, etc. every single time. Unfortunately the highly paid exterminator is not the one that does all this! That’s right, WE ended up having to do all this work and then put everything back — all the while wondering why the exterminator was making all the money while we were doing all the work.

Do it Yourself was the ONLY Solution for Bed Bug Treatment!

Over the course of a 6 month period we purchased each of the leading brands of bed bug treatment products available on the Internet and at retails stores. We tested them and contacted the best ones directly to check out their support services and policies. This bed bug treatment website is an advocacy project to provide the best possible bed bug treatment products based on this ongoing evaluation. The home page of the site describes and provides purchase links to what we consider to be the best bed bug treatment currently available on the market.

If you are the manufacturer of bed bug treatment products and wish to have your products evaluated for inclusion in our review process, please contact us using the Contact form provided on this site.