Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

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Dear Friend and Bed Bug Victim,

bed bug treatment

If you’re reading this page, you probably already know this but I’ll say it anyway… Bed Bugs Suck!

Nightmares, Night terrors, real or imagined,  there is not much that compares to the genuine horror of waking up to Bed Bugs crawling over your skin and living in your bed.  Never mind vampires and other monsters, does the idea of real blood sucking Bed Bugs make your skin crawl?  By now the shuddering, squirming and scratching is automatic.  You just can’t help yourself.  Rolling over and going back to sleep is definitely not an option, so what do you do when you don’t have a clue as to the Best Bed Bug Treatment?

bed bug treatment

bed bug treatment

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I feel your pain, as trite as it sounds, I really do.  For a long time now I have been hearing from anxious customers just like you of their horrific Bed Bug experiences and the stories keep coming.

bed bug treatmentAre you sick and tired of being a Bed bug victim and need a bed bug treatment that works?  Wouldn’t it be a relief to stop the itching and aggravation caused by irritating Bed Bugs feeding off of you?

Help is here!

There is a Bed Bug Treatment to help overcome your Bed Bug nightmare.  These superior products are  non-toxic and safe Bed Bug treatment.   This incredibleBed Bug Treatment Solution comes complete with step-by-step instructions that show how to eliminate Bed Bugs and stop them from taking over your home. The Dead Bed Bugs™ Bed Bug Treatment operates so efficiently it is the preferred method used by the Salvation Army and a successful pest control organization to treat bed bug infestations.

These Bed Bug Treatment products  have treated more than 125,000 Bed Bug/parasite occurrences in both home or work environments with resounding global success. 

Busy Bed Bugs In The News

National Company Has  Bed Bug treatment in 47 States

“It’s a national problem,” agrees entomologist Dini Miller, Ph.D. The Orkin Pest Control Company says that after 50 years more or less without them, it’s now treated bed bugs in all but three states. And according to the National Pest Management Association, bed bug complaints have increased 50-fold over the last five years. They’ve popped up in apartments, mansions or dormitories in nearly every corner of the country.

Public Health officials are speaking out about urgent need for a more effective Bed Bug Treatment

A Public Health official speaking of recent Bed Bug infestations said:

“We’re seeing infestations right across the board whether you are on Park Avenue, in a single family home, whether you are in a five-star hotel or the local rooming house down on the corner. We’re seeing it all over the place.”

Have you seen any of these Bed bug signs in your home:

  • Small bloodstains on sheets and mattresses
  • Specks of blood behind wallpaper or other sites of heavy infestation
  • Insect excrement at the entry to hiding places in furniture crevices and walls
  • A strong pungent odor caused by Bed bugs’ oil secretions

The writing is on the wall on in this case, in the walls. Bed Bugs resist many pesticides and spread quickly. Traditional pest control is not the super hero in this flick.  Did you know the risk of re-infestation, after traditional pest control methods have been used, is over 80%? Why? There are several very important reasons traditional Bed Bug removal rarely works.

Pest control experts use baiting tactics for home infestations of such things as ants, roaches, and spiders. These tricks with baiting work well for this type of pest, but since Bed Bugs are blood feeders you can’t get rid of Bed Bugs this way. Traditional pest control methods treat Bed Bugs the in much the same way they would treat for roaches – spray along the baseboards. This method is ineffective because a Bed Bug’s evolved genetic behavior is completely diverse from that of a roach!  Many customers have reported they’ve actually been refused service by pest control companies because they can’t effectively treat for Bed Bugs infestations!

Dead Bed Bug – Bed Bug Treatment For Commercial Use

I believe I mentioned before that pest control companies have tested and bought Dead Bed Bugs™ products from New York to Vancouver? The fact is, the owner of a major pest control company that has been in business for over 50 years has admitted to me that Dead Bed Bugs™ products and eradication methods work for Bed Bugs, while unfortunately their products and methods, don’t, even though they are industry standards.

I’ve been told the problem is so enormous and out of control that there are areas of the country where they would avoid any hotel or motel stay. This company purchased over $200,000 worth of Dead Bed Bugs™ product kits to resell to consumers and they are currently training their staff using methods and products established by Q-Based Healthcare.

When a 50-year, professional pest control company whose territory is equivalent to half the U.S., has tested and trusts Dead Bed Bugs™ products and eradication methods to work against Bed Bugs for them, why wouldn’t you?

Turn the Tables on Bed Bugs

What Can You Do?

I understand various circumstances such as where you live, type of dwelling, degree of infestation and density of household makes your particular infestation is unique. My customers asked, I’ve listened and developed a cost-effective system that will help you detect and destroy the bugs, and help to deter Bed Bug infestations and re-infestations no matter where you live. An added bonus is it will also help to relieve the itchy bites on your skin.

What over 125,000 customers most appreciate about these Dead Bed Bugs™ products is the peace of mind and convenience of eliminating their Bed Bug problem, without having to worry about re-infestations. Isn’t that what you want? With the Dead Bed Bugs™ Home Pro kit you have everything you need to treat the average 2 bedroom home yourself at less than 1/4 the cost of an exterminator! Think about it.. this allows you to apply the products with simple to use methods when you want to. No missing work, getting rid of the Bed Bugs at 1/4 of the cost of an exterminator, and all at your convenience, what’s not to like?

No risk bed bug treatment by Dead Bed Bugs™

bed bug treatment

Bed Bug Treatment by DeadBedBugs